Blumgi Ball

Blumgi Ball

Blumgi Ball is an enjoyable basketball game where the player must control their character to jump and throw the ball into the basket. The player will start the game with a black cat wearing a red headband. After that, they will have the chance to meet other characters, such as the frog, bear, worm, or pear. 

Although the gameplay resembles that of traditional basketball, it is significantly more advanced. The player must shoot the ball into the air, guide the character to swiftly go to the ball's location, and then continue shooting the slingshot until the ball successfully falls in the basket. It should be noted that the baskets can be placed anywhere, and their height can change as you move to the next level. Therefore, you should start by determining where the basket will be. Following that, aim accurately and throw the ball into the basket. Furthermore, your character has incredible jumping skills. So, if the ball does not fall into the basket, you may direct the character to jump up and catch this ball, then throw it into the basket again. If you enjoy sports games like Doodle Baseball, don't miss this game.

How To Play

  • Left-click, drag, and drop to adjust the direction and force of the shot.
  • Press SPACEBAR to teleport to the position of the ball.
  • Try to throw the ball into the basket with the fewest throws.
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