Archery King

Archery King

If you are passionate about archery, Archery King is a game you cannot miss. Take your arrow, pull the string, and strike your target! Archery King offers many different game modes. During solitary mode, players have the opportunity to practice archery and improve accuracy. Additionally, in the multiplayer mode, you will get the chance to engage with real opponents from all over the world. Can you pass the 24 levels of this game? It is important to consider that wind direction influences the process of aiming. However, it is not a factor that can prevent your progress. Don't be discouraged if you miss a few times; just try your best! If you want to try new games, you can try Basket Goal, Grimace Only Up, or Flappy Bird.

How To Play

  • Aim the bow at the target with the mouse. Then click to pull back the bowstring, then let go of the mouse to let your arrow fly.
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