Backyard Baseball

Backyard Baseball

Hold your bat tight and let the game begin! In Backyard Baseball, you become a little baseball player with a burning passion for the game. Complete a series of tasks in different areas, unlock more tasks, and climb your way to becoming the most skilled baseball player to ever grace the neighborhood!

Backyard Baseball is a simulation game with baseball as its main theme. Players begin by choosing one of the ten available teams and then picking their desired player. After all of that is done, now’s the time to begin the game! Complete the first tasks with different requirements, such as scoring a certain number of home runs, and you will unlock more tasks to do. With each task completed, you receive points, which will be added to your rank. Try your best to raise your rank and show off your might as the best baseball player out there!

How To Play

  • Aim your bat and position your batter with your mouse. 
  • Click to swing your bat.
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