Baseball 9

Baseball 9

Unleash powerful bat-swinging moves with Baseball 9 and show off your skills as a professional baseball player! In this game, you take control of a player who’s practicing for his next big match. Control his swings and achieve the highest score possible!

The whole premise of Baseball 9 is getting points based on where the ball lands after being hit. You don’t receive many points when the ball is near the center of the stadium, but the points almost triple when it manages to reach the outer part of the stadium. Best of all, if you manage to score a home run, you can get over 100 points per hit! Each attempt gives you 10 balls in total, so try your best to score as many points as possible without missing a hit!

How To Play

  • Click to make your player swing his bat. 

Try to hit the ball at the best time to score a home run!


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