Basket Puzzle!

Basket Puzzle!

Spark your passion for sports through engagement in the game called “Basket Puzzle!”. Are you prepared to face this difficult challenge? In contrast to traditional basketball games, in this game, players will use their brain rather than physical strength to successfully direct the ball into the hoop. Furthermore, there are no activities typical of sports games such as running, jumping, or throwing. Simultaneously, none of the other players were able to steal the ball. Therefore, the final result of the match depends on your ability. The faster you put the ball into the basket, the higher the score you get. Try to earn as many points as possible! Basket Puzzle! is an innovative combination of sports and logical thinking. It will be a great workout for your brain. Besides, if you want to try your hand at puzzle games, Hidden Objects: Brain Teaser, Sort It - Water Sort Puzzle and Words of Wonders will be other options for you. 

How To Play

  • Use a mouse or touch to play.
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