Basketball Challenge

Basketball Challenge

Challenge yourself to launch the basketball into the hoop regardless of what stands in the way with Basketball Challenge! Flick the ball around until it passes through the hoop, and continue with a series of challenging and fun levels! Good luck finding the best way to shoot hoops!

Basketball Challenge features easy controls and tons of creative obstacles that make your hoop-shooting much more difficult than usual. While the game begins with a standard hoop and a ball to throw, as you progress, you will discover more things that make it much harder to shoot the hoops. Or if you are a super good player, they can even help your ball reach the hoop! This includes moving hoops, spinning planks, and so much more for you to discover! Have tons of fun playing this enjoyable game!

How To Play

  • Click on the ball and flick it with your mouse. 

You can only hold the ball on a certain part of the screen. Good luck!


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