Black Stallion Cabaret

Black Stallion Cabaret

Black Stallion Cabaret is an exciting and unique game. Your mission is to transport a group of charming dancers across the country in an armored train while protecting them from monsters. To complete the objective, you need to merge items in the workshop to increase their level and improve weapons. In the game, the battles happen automatically. You have 30 seconds to eliminate a squad of monsters. Dancers perform their shows in towns. The reward they receive is detailed information about the carriage. Thanks to these details, you can buy new carriages and improve old ones. After upgrading the train, you can increase the speed and defense, providing better protection for the dancers.

With vivid graphics, Black Stallion Cabaret brings the vibrant world of the game world to life. It is a great combination of strategy, merge mechanics, and fast-paced battles.

How To Play

  • LEFT CLICK to select upgrades, modify weapons, and more.
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