Donut Slam Dunk

Donut Slam Dunk

Enjoy a thrilling gaming experience with the Donut Slam Dunk game. How many donuts do you think you can fit in the box? After pressing the button to start the game, the player will see donuts hanging on a string at the top of the screen, while donut boxes will be situated at the bottom of the screen. The objective of the player is to cut the rope so that the donuts fall straight into the cake box under their own weight. In order to accomplish this, the player must accurately time their action to cut the rope hanging from the donut. If you choose the wrong time, your donut will fall out. If you have an affinity for this game, it is likely that you will also have an affinity for the game Dunk Hoop 2.

How To Play

  • The player uses the mouse to cut the string so that the donut falls into the box below the screen.
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