Doodle Cricket

Doodle Cricket

Attempt to get a high level of proficiency as batsmen in an exciting cricket match. Try to score as many runs as possible in Doodle Cricket! Similar to real cricket matches, in this game the batsmen are two crickets, and the pitchers are a squad of snails with incredibly fast speeds. The primary objective of the two crickets is to prevent the snails from dislodging the wickets through strategic ball strikes. Upon hitting the ball, the snails will run in order to catch the ball, while the crickets run towards their opposite side and score points. The game finishes when your crickets miss the ball and their racket falls.

One of the main characteristics of Doodle Cricket is its realistic graphics. The game has been carefully designed to closely resemble a real cricket match, which will help players immerse themselves in the game and make playing more exciting.

How To Play

  • Players use their computer mouse or touchscreen to control a cricket bat and face off against a virtual bowler.
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