Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump

Guide the hand-drawn character Doodler to go through a series of obstacles and jump as high as possible in the exciting game Doodle Jump. The primary objective of this game Jump is to control a four-legged creature that looks like a doodle, named Doodler. The game would lack excitement if it were solely limited to that. Therefore, in order to enhance the level of difficulty, the player must avoid the obstacles that appear in the Doodler's path. One of the challenges is Brown Platforms Crack in Half. When you jump on them, the platform will quickly split in two and cause you to fall. In addition, you also need to avoid headbutting Aliens and black holes. You can avoid obstacles by shooting or evading them. That's interesting, right? Let's join Doodle Jump now! 

How To Play

  • Use mouse to play.
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