Drac & Franc

Drac & Franc

Drac and Franc are two close friends, and they embark on an adventure filled with tricky puzzles and dangerous traps. Would you be willing to join them on this expedition? In order to effectively complete the game, players are required to overcome a series of obstacles and collect all essential objects before reaching the exit door. Each of the characters will have distinctive features that provide access to areas and locations that are normally unreachable. Drac is an ancient vampire, and he has the ability to gather bottles of potions, whereas Franc has the ability to pick up screws. Maximize the functions of each character to more easily overcome challenges.

In Drac and Franc can be played individually or with a friend by sharing the same keyboard. After passing challenges with Drac and Franc, you can take part in other adventures in Adventure Time: Bullet Jake.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play.
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