Drunken Boxing 2

Drunken Boxing 2

Unleash powerful punches and win in the exciting boxing game, Drunken Boxing 2. Now is the time to enjoy this fantastic atmosphere! The game is inspired by the martial art of Trunken Boxing, where players will take on the role of a card-playing boxer and participate in dramatic and humorous matches. Move forward and back to maintain a suitable distance, and attack at the right time to take down your opponents. However, keep an eye on the energy bar at the top of the screen. If you run out of energy, it will take you some time to recover. During recovery, you are very susceptible to your opponent's attacks; therefore, use flexibility between attack and defense strategies.

How To Play

  • PLAYER 1: Uses the "ARROW KEYS" 
  • PLAYER 2: Uses keys "W,A,S,D."
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