Drunken Slap Wars

Drunken Slap Wars

Drunken Slap Wars is an entertaining and exciting game where players will participate in dramatic slapstick wars. In this game, one player controls the red stickman, the other controls the blue stickman. They must try to defeat their opponents by delivering powerful slap punches. To do that, the player must use the right time and right slap force to create the strongest punch and cause discomfort to the opponent. Accuracy and quick reflexes will determine the outcome of the match. You will be the winner if your opponent's health bar is depleted. In addition, the game can also provide special and unique attacks for each character, adding variety and strategy to the fight. 

Drunken Slap Wars promises to bring players moments of fun and laughter. If you are looking for a simple yet humorous game, Drunken Slap Wars can be a great choice for you.

How To Play

  • Use mouse to play.
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