Dunk Shot

Dunk Shot

Show off your precision skills with Dunk Shot, a highly addictive arcade game in which players launch the basketball into baskets in order to gain more points! Learn the trajectory of the free-falling ball and try your best to score as many points as possible!

If you want a quick and challenging game to unwind for a bit, don’t miss out on Dunk Shot! The game has extremely simple controls, but it is much harder to master than you think. Players earn points each time the ball is launched into the basket above. It is also possible to get extra points if you manage to throw it without touching the rim of the basket. Collect the stars along the way to unlock super cool-looking balls and have tons of fun with this addictive game!

How To Play

  • Take aim by dragging the left mouse button, and release it to launch the ball. 

Good luck!


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