EG Linear Basketball

EG Linear Basketball

Eg Linear Basketball is an enjoyable basketball game where players must use lines to draw lines to dribble the ball into the basket. Are you ready to win this challenge? Upon starting the game, a cute youngster carrying a box of popcorn appears on the screen. This boy will toss the balls, and your task is to put these balls into the basket. You may draw as many lines as you like, as long as the ball is in the basket. If you don't get the ball into the basket after three attempts, the game is finished, and you have to start again. It should be noted that the game's difficulty will increase over time. The speed at which basketball appears is getting faster and faster, pushing players to make rapid decisions. Do you want to play this game? If so, you may like games Basketball Slide, Basketball Dig, or Brain Dunk.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to draw paths to guide the ball into the basket.
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