Football Legends

Football Legends

Are you confident in your impeccable soccer skills? Try out Football Legends and let the whole world know who’s boss! Become a professional soccer player and take part in a thrilling tournament, or have friendly practices. Play against CPUs or invite a friend over to have the ultimate soccer match!

Football Legends is one of the best online soccer games out there. It features tons of playing options, from choosing the type of match to the members of your team. You can take part in a tournament and progress into the finale or have a quick practice session. Each team consists of two members, each of whom has different special abilities, such as shooting unblockable balls or teleporting to the ball. Play with or against a friend and have plenty of fun in Football Legends!

How To Play

  • Control your character with the WASD or arrow keys.
  • Shoot the ball with the L or X keys.
  • Perform supershots with the K or Z keys.
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