If you want a quick and hilarious game with soccer as its main theme, is the best match for you! Play as a round blob and try your best to defend your goal post from the two balls while trying to get them past your opponents’ goal posts! Be the last one standing in this exciting game! features easy yet chaotic gameplay, giving you the most entertaining moments as you try to keep the goal post from being breached. There are always two balls in play, kicked around at once, and a moment of distraction may cost you a few points! Each player starts with four points and can only move within the immediate vicinity of their goalpost. You'll lose a point if even one of the balls gets by you and into the goal. Have fun trying to keep the other team's balls from entering your goal while defending your own!

How To Play

  • Control your character by dragging it with the left mouse button. Don’t let any ball get past you!
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