Grimace Shake Burn or Die

Grimace Shake Burn or Die

Grimace: Shake, Burn, or Die is a survival horror game that introduces players to a confrontation of life and death with the notorious character Grimace. You will find yourself in a battle to burn or be slain in the terrible Gameboy game room. Use your courage and will to survive to join this battle.

There are a few tips and strategies that you can apply in this battle. You need to enhance your decision-making skills with expert tips and strategies. Additionally, you need to learn how to analyze situations, weigh risks, and choose wisely to increase your chances of survival. There are various scenarios in Grimace, Shake, Burn, or Die, so players need to think quickly and come up with a strategy. In addition, you can also come up with your own unique strategies in Noob: End World or Pumpkin Monster.

How To Play

  • Use WASD to move.
  • Use Space to grab and throw.
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