Linear Basketball

Linear Basketball

Have you experienced the unique combination of basketball and painting? If the answer is no, then try the linear basketball game right away! A boy will randomly throw the ball, and the player's objective is to use a pen to draw straight lines to successfully put the ball into the basket. For each successful turn, you will be awarded 1 point. The game's level of difficulty will gradually increase over time, requiring you to try to concentrate and plan strategically when drawing ball paths to successfully guide the ball into the basket. Each player has a maximum of three lives per turn. If the ball fails to enter the basket more than three times, the game will end, and you will have to start from the beginning. Can you successfully get the ball into the basket with a single throw? If you have a passion for both painting and basketball, linear basketball is a captivating game that you simply cannot miss. Nevertheless, there are still some other options for you, like Basketball Line

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to draw lines to bring the ball into the basket successfully.
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