Mob Control

Mob Control

Mob Control is an action game with realistic 3D graphics in which you can assemble a large crowd to advance towards the opponent's base. Throughout the game, the players use cannons to send your green soldiers marching down the street. Your biggest goal is to capture the red base and defeat all the red soldiers coming your way. To create a huge army and build your own castle model, the player needs to aim at the multiplier portals. In addition, you can steal loot from your enemies, like coins and power blocks, after defeating them. Players can use these between levels to build dioramas: three-dimensional floating islands full of little castles, towers, and other buildings.

Mod Control is a combination of many different elements, such as math, shooting, and combat. Besides, you can refer to a few games similar to Ragdoll Duel 2P, Mountain Climb Racing, and Squid Hook Game

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to aim and shoot the stickmen into battle
  • Use the spacebar to pause the game if needed
  • Press "R" to restart the level if necessary
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