Penalty Shooters 2

Penalty Shooters 2

Show off your exceptional reflexes with Penalty Shooters 2! Take on the role of the striker and burn a hole in the opponent’s goal post, then defend your goal post with haste! Participate in leagues, and don’t stop until you are the champion!

Penalty Shooters 2 provides players with engaging soccer matches. In this case, however, the matches have been shortened considerably, and all you need to do is shoot the soccer ball and defend your goal post. Players begin by picking one of the 12 fantasy leagues and then start on one of the 360 different teams. Concentrate on the opponent and try your best to make the best shots. Remember that timing is the key to the best shots and saves!

How To Play

  • Striker: Click the left mouse button and hold to aim. Release it to kick the ball.
  • Goalkeeper: Click the left mouse button and hold the predicted landing location of the ball. Release it to dive and catch the ball.
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