Puppet Hockey

Puppet Hockey

Bring your best hockey stick and prepare for matches in Puppet Hockey, an exciting competitive game with an ice hockey theme! Be quick on your feet, sweep the puck away from the opponent, and hit it to the goalpost to gain points! Can you win against all your opponents?

Puppet Hockey features a simplified version of a classic ice hockey match, with only one player on each team. Hence, it is totally up to you to give yourself the sweet taste of victory! Begin by selecting your favorite ice hockey team, and let’s start the match. Shoot the puck to the opponent’s goal post to score, and defend yours to not give the opponent an upper hand. Each match only lasts for one minute, so try your best to score as many points as possible! 

How To Play

  • Control your character with the left and right arrow keys. 
  • Press the up arrow key to jump and defend the goalpost. 
  • Move the puck with the F key. 

Good luck!

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