Slings to the Basket

Slings to the Basket

Welcome to Slings to the Basket, a fascinating puzzle game that challenges you to accurately throw a teddy bear into a basket. Let's throw this bear from a lower point to a higher point and guide it towards the basket. During your journey, you will encounter several challenges, such as cogs, sparks, and fire-breathing dragons. With each level's advancement, more obstacles are introduced, and they will move back and forth, making the game more difficult. Besides, you can also collect fruits like apples and oranges for your bear. It is important to be aware that when you encounter red spots, you must quickly overcome them, or they will disappear. The game offers up to 20 levels, with later levels being more difficult than previous ones. This game will definitely bring you many interesting experiences. There are several captivating games awaiting your discovery, such as Basketball Swooshes, Coin Clicker, or Burnout Drift.

How To Play

  • The player uses the mouse to determine the force and releases to throw the bear.
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