Squid Game Deadflip

Squid Game Deadflip

Hospital Hustle invites players to demonstrate their outstanding management abilities. Are you willing to assist the only professional nurse in doing all the tests on his patients until he has enough cash to hire new doctors, workers, and an efficient receptionist? Make sure that your medical facility is running smoothly by purchasing the necessary resources for the machines. As you progress in Hospital Hustle, you can expand your staff and capabilities. You have the opportunity to hire skilled doctors, diligent workers, and efficient receptionists to provide the best possible care. Your ultimate goal is to keep the happiness bar at its maximum level. Don't let any patient leave feeling uncomfortable.

Are you ready to join us on this thrilling journey of hospital management? Take on the challenge and complete the mission to build a thriving hospital. Do you like running businesses like shops, hospitals, and other services?? Idle Tower Builder and Airport Manager: Adventure Airplane Games Online are two popular choices.

How To Play

1 player mode

  • Use arrow key to move.
  • Left click to interact with the in-game buttons.

2 Player Mode

  • Player 1: "W, A, S, D".
  • Player 2: "ARROW KEYS".
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