Tallman Dunk Rush

Tallman Dunk Rush

A special combination of basketball and obstacle course! Have you attempted it yet? If not, try the Tallman Dunk Rush right away. The objective of the game is to take control of your character to overcome obstacles and score points by performing amazing dunks. Your character will begin the game at the lowest altitude. This might make it difficult to put the ball in the hoop. To make your character taller, go through the blue doors, pass opponent characters that are shorter than you, and throw the ball into the basket that is lower than you. Conversely, if you go through red doors and hit obstacles, the character's height will decrease. You can't throw the ball into a basket higher than you, therefore maintain your height to complete all the challenges along the way. The more consecutive dunks you make, the higher your score. After players reach the required score, they will receive additional playing time and unlock special skills. Let's get started! If you enjoy this game, you should try some others like Rescue Cut Rope, Basketball Stars Unblocked, Basket Slam.

How To Play

  • Use mouse to move characters.
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