Basket Clash

Basket Clash

Demonstrate your proficiency and manifest your hidden basketball talent on various global basketball courts around the world in Basket Clash. The gameplay mechanics of this popular game are very straightforward. The ball moves! The players just need to use the mouse to move the character and avoid all obstacles to get to where they want, then push the ball into the basket. Along with that, it is essential to upgrade your character in order to make it unique with custom items such as shorts, jerseys, and sneakers. These items not only enhance one's aesthetic appeal but also strengthen their abilities in battle. Additionally, you will be rewarded with money, trophies, and valuable card packs if you win. They will help you access more basketball courts; however, the competition will be more difficult, and the rewards will be higher as well. If you have passed all the challenges of this game, you can try the Basketball Challenge for a more enjoyable experience.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play.
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