Skibidi Toilet Basketball

Skibidi Toilet Basketball

Skibidi Toilet Basketball is an innovative combination of two popular games, namely the renowned Skibidi Toilet game and the sport of basketball. The goal of the Skibidi Toilet Basketball game is to offer a simulated basketball game in the bathroom. This is achieved through the utilization of various items, including wooden cutting boards and plastic buckets, which are ingeniously assembled to form basketball hoops. Players will try to throw the ball into the basketball hoop from a specified distance. In this game, players are given a new challenge to learn not only the skill of ball-throwing proficiency but also the skill of overcoming obstacles in the toilet. The challenges gradually increase as players advance through each level, so players need to accurately calculate the trajectory and direction of their heads to flush the toilet. To what level do you believe it is possible to progress within the game? Additionally, there exist other captivating sports games, such as Geometry Dash and Backyard Baseball,... Don’t miss it!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse or the WASD keys on the keyboard.
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